March 5th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.


I think tonight, Ambien is going to become my friend again. I am so tired from lack of sleep. Like, when I look into my eyes I see red puffiness tired. I dunno, I have been staying up late forever, but this morning I got into bed a little after 4, and I remember seeing 7 before I fell asleep. NOT good.

I'm bored. Where is everyone?

I have a new addiction. Zooba. It is a book club, and you make a list of the books that you want, and they send them to you, once a month, for $9.95 including shipping. THEN, if you want more books than just the one a month, you can always buy them whenever for the same price. I have 14 books on my list (well, 13, one just shipped)... I think I am okay for a while. I did find a book about gay vampires... ah, all the interests in one. ;)

Hmm... Oscars tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing Jon Stewart host. I like him. I watched an interview the other day with him about his hosting this year... seriously, so funny. I guess I am going to watch. *shrug* Although, at this rate, I will probably sleep through some of it.

I updated my iPod. Damn, I wish they made a bigger one. Seriously, with all the movies I want on it, and the songs... there isn't enough room AT ALL. I have had to go through my library multiple times to prune away things that I don't always listen to. Maybe I should have less movies? That would be no fun. ;) Now, I just need to buy the dock that you can hook a/v cables into. That way, I can play the movies on tv too. (When I travel...)

Last night, I went through things in Vancouver that I want to see when we are there, and then Seattle as well. Figured we probably should get a rental car for the week so we can actually go around Vancouver and see more than one street. (Although, the street has EVERYTHING... shopping, bars, food, tattoo shops, porn... what else do you need?) I just hope my brother won't bitch about paying for part of the car. Is it June yet?

/rambling :D
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SPN - Winchesters.

The Oscars...

Hmm... I guess some things were good (win wise) but... oh well, guess you can't win 'em all...

I think this is the first time I watch the full production. I loved the beginning with Jon Stewart and George Clooney in bed together.