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Just call me a Turnip.

March 6th, 2006

02:56 am - OMG!!!!

Jamie!!!!! Look at this!!!! Well, anyone really, but especially my wifey!!!!! EEEEE!

04:19 am - Shit...

I know I am really depressed when I am taking a BUTTLOAD of depression meds, and I still want to cry. I am bored... I actually want to find something... anything to do. I have been applying, to no avail. Chris and I haven't been hanging out, and everytime we talk, we fight. I am... lonely. I need to see the psych, and get a replacement for the Lexapro. It just isn't working with the Wellbutrin. I want something that compliments it, not just doesn't work. I am hoping Chris and I can work out our friendship... who the fuck knows. I need a friend... a hug... something.

05:35 am - Quick RENT thoughts...

So, I watched part of the second DVD, and I just wanted to say that... none of those songs should have been cut! I love them all, and I think they would have worked well... and OMG! The Alternate Ending is the ending that they should have used!!!! I love love love it! The hand grab between Wilson and Jesse? Priceless...

I have watched part of the documentary of the making of Rent/Jonathan's life, and I must say... I saw Daphne (the original Mimi) and I had to rewind it. Damn... no wonder she couldn't reprise her role! Hehe... she DEFINITELY doesn't look 19. LOL! She's really pretty though.

I am glad I read Anthony Rapp's book before I watched the documentary though, it means more.

Anyways, it is 5:30 in the fucking morning, and I am going to attempt to sleep...
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