March 18th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.


was the worst night (friend-wise) in my life. I don't even want to think about it anymore. Here I thought life was miserable already...
SPN - Winchesters.

Fried oatmeal... by request. :)

lexieloo... and anyone else, hear ya go...

Ok, so it is soooo easy to make. You take regular, non-flavored oatmeal... about a half a cup is what we do, of course, you can vary it and do more. Take the oatmeal and put it in a bowl... add just enough water to cover it (but not to saturate it!) and let it sit for a good... well, until the oatmeal is really poofy. Then, add a Tablespoon of egg substitute (or a Tablespoon of egg... whites only or with yolk, shouldn't matter) and stir it around in the bowl. Then, in a frying pan coated with cooking spray, pour it in! Now, what we do is as it is cooking, cut it up (kinda looking like scrambled egg chunks or whatever) so that it all gets cooked. Add salt to taste. It should be salty enough to be able to give it good flavor. It isn't that bad, and it tastes soooooo good. Also, surprisingly filling.

(Oh, if anyone has ever had fried matzah... it tastes remarkably like that!)

PLEASE, let me know if you do this! Tell me what you think!!!