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Just call me a Turnip.

March 28th, 2006

11:46 am - So, I hate infections...

Yeah, so day three of the antibiotics... still nauseous. My sides hurt less, but they still hurt when I sit, lay, breathe... so, the drama from the ER? They went to put my IV in, got the flash, and then the cap of the tube coming from the site? It popped off. Needless to say me, the nurse, and the floor were covered in my blood. I chose NOT to look. (well, I did once, and turned the hell away). Around 5 hours in the ER to get blood taken, a urine sample, and get a full bag of IV solution. I am still soooooooo dehydrated that last night, my eyes were getting dry. The hell? I am drinking more water & gatorade than ever, and my eyes get dry. Lovely. So, I am going back to bed, because I am yet again, nauseous.

Heh. A new icon from that site I posted for you guys to check out... it makes me giggle.
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