April 5th, 2006

QAF - Spank

Hee. Thanks.

You guys are great. Thanks for writing about the pics that I posted... I appreciate all the sentiment (even Jamie and her stalker comment... lol). Anyhoo... I'll keep you all posted. Chris came over tonight, and I showed him the roses, the chocolate, the bear, and the balloon. That was weird. Hee. I thanked him today for all the stuff he sent me, and he said it was nothing. I was like... shit. Yeah it was. He was like well, I can't be there, so I figured I would send you stuff instead. I was like cool. He doesn't mind flying here to meet me, which is cool... plus then my parents will be here, so I will be okay for the first meeting too. Right now he is England... I was like, well... if things work out, you may take me there whenever you please. Hee.

Ok, I am rambling... my back hurts. I need to figure out what is wrong. All my kidney tests and CT scan came back okay. But my entire back now hurts, and my stomach muscles hurt too. What takes over all your muscles and makes them ACHE like hell? I took one of the new pills today, Dilautin, which was nice... but doesn't work as well as the IV one, obviously. Hee. Ok, off to play on Bidz (so addictive). I hope that ring sells on Ebay... it is pretty, and a good deal... we'll see. :) I got another ring too. I am so keeping that to be my wedding band someday in the future. I fell in love with it... which is weird to have a ring before a serious relationship. LOL. I'll post the pic if anyone wants me to!
Cat - What???

When Horoscopes are correct....

This hits the nail on the head with my thought about the new guy... I think I'm scared...

"Love becomes more confusing as you are drawn toward something that you think may not be real. But this knowledge isn't enough to stop you. Your fantasies are bringing about subtle changes to the plans you've already made, so it's hard to tell where you are going. It just may be time for you to toss out the manual and let your feelings guide you for a while, instead of relying on your maps."