April 8th, 2006

QAF - I just saw the face...

The rings I am selling on ebay... (and other shit)

It didn't sell the first time, so I went all out, and made it a featured item, highlighted, box around it, bold... the works! In the first auction, of three days, I had no bids, no watchers, and 24 people look at the rings. Since posting it AGAIN 9 hours ago? I have one watcher, and 21 people that have looked so far. It is so worth the money if it sells this time. I think I am going to take whatever I make, and buy another ring, and go again. Why not? The jewelry is pretty, and I feel special that someone will propose and get married with something I am selling. Plus, if I make a little profit? Not so bad.

So, I started my new med tonight... we'll see how it works. I am slowly getting of Lexapro over the next 15 days... no withdrawl happening again. So, for 15 days I am on three depression meds. That amuses me. The psych gave me a MONTH's worth of samples that were going to expire May 1st. That was cool, since work comp takes FOREVER to approve a new medication.

I must say, that muscle relaxer and narcotic med work very nicely together. I am taking them at night, to help me sleep (since I put pressure on my back) and because it can make you dizzy and tired. Unfortunately the pain is still there, in moderation, but I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Has anyone heard of Mangosteen? It isn't a mango, it is another fruit that supposedly has all this crap in it that helps pain. Sounds interesting, but it is sort of ridiculous to spend $100 a month on juice and pills. Can't justify it... especially since a review I read said it was pretty amazing, but basically just a high priced juice. I have better things to do with my lack of money.

Babbling aside, I am going to bed. :)
Calvin & Hobbes - Reality

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Instructions: Go to wikipedia.org and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List 1 death, 2 births, and three facts in your journal, including the year.


1995- Mickey Mantle, baseball player (b. 1931)


1899- Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, English film director (d. 1980)

1860- Annie Oakley, American sharpshooter (d. 1926)


3114 BC- According to the Lounsbury corollation, the Maya calendar starts.

1940- World War II: Battle of Britain begins - The Luftwaffe launches a series of attacks on British fighter bases and radar installations.

1942- Walt Disney's fifth animated feature, Bambi, premiers.