April 12th, 2006

Cat - Comfort


I am watching High School Musical... AGAIN. Hee.

I am so... bored. I dunno, I am looking forward to the depression med to kick in. I know it takes up to two weeks.

I never knew how insecure I was until now. The guy I have been talking to is in London right now, so our schedules never match up. If I am on late (like this) sometimes I catch him. So, he just got on, but he does work on the computer, and doesn't always have time to chat... but every time he is on, but doesn't/can't talk to me, I get that whole... "what is wrong with me, why wont he talk to me" bullshit. I know I am probably just making myself crazy, but I can't help it. When you are used to being blown off, you over-react.

Tomorrow is Passover (well it starts tomorrow night). guh... no bread, pasta, etc. for a week. I hate that. To be honest, when I lived alone, I didn't do it at all.... and here, if I go out to eat, I don't do it either. Obviously, being at home with the rents, I have to do it in the house. Fun fun.

I wanna cry. I am pathetic.
Other - Nothing love can't heal

I'm venting... mostly to myself. : /

Grrr... why? Why can't guys understand a woman's need to keep in touch? You're busy with work, that's great... is it that hard to write an email saying 'Hey. I'm busy, but I wanted to say hi." Men suck. Hopefully I'm just being stupid, but whatever. Right now I am just going to pout.