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Just call me a Turnip.

April 13th, 2006

01:00 am - Real World

The next Real World is in Denver. Heh. We are spechul.

Oh, and Ace made it through tonight. Piss off Simon.

02:55 am - Fun!

I just redid my MySpace..... I haven't done it forever. It's purdy.

Yeah, so remember how I said I was over-reacting and being stupid? Yup. Of course I was. We talked tonight, and I told him even if he was busy, to please just say hi once in a while. He was like... Oh, okay. Men. LOL. I want him to get his ass back to the States... I wanna meet him already. ;)

12:30 pm - Did You Know?

The dude "George" in The Wedding Singer... that weird guy? That is Alexis Arquette... as in David Arquette's brother. I had NO idea. Plus, he is apparently in Lords Of Dogtown, Kat.... as "Tranny"...

Ok, random trivia over. ;)

06:57 pm - Am I the only one?

Who thinks Pete Wentz looks a little like Jeremy Piven? I thought that last week watching One Tree Hill... his facial expressions...

09:44 pm - Stupid Passover...

I want a sandwich. *sigh*

I am bored and watching DVDs. Fun.

11:02 pm - Guh. So bored.

I am like mindlessly bored right now. I have 2 hours until Rick gets online... I may take a nap.
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