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Just call me a Turnip.

April 19th, 2006

12:45 am - WTF?

2 days ago it was 83... today? 47. This is a weird state.

I got my first Netflix movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got In Her Shoes. I am half done with it. It cute so far. We have a distribution center in Denver, so the turn around should be very quick :) Considering I have 498 disks in my queue, and that doesn't include new ones coming out every week (obviously). I justified it as this... instead of buying movies for $20, I am spending $17.99 a month for tons of them. Woo. :)

Like my South Park icon? My brother made me one tonight. So, now I have two. This one's a lot less... injured. ;)

09:28 pm - American Idol is soooooooo rigged

Whatever. I'm done with this season. Plus, Kellie is getting votes pretty much illegally. This show is bullshit.

11:57 pm - I hate headaches. Seriously.

My stupid fucking head hurts. A lot. I hate headaches... they are the worst. To top it off, Rick's computer needs a new part, so I haven't talked to him since Tuesday at noon. He is going to try to call tonight or tomorrow. Yay! Haven't spoken to him on the phone yet.
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