April 24th, 2006

QAF - Chicken Soup

OMG, sick :(

Dinner made me so sick. I threw up (TMI), and 6 freaking hours SO FAR of stomach cramps. I have never been in this much pain before. Right now I am nursing a Sprite, wishing I could feel better. It is times like this that I wish Rick was here to take care of me... at least my mom is here. *whimpers*
Cat - Let me rest a little while

Son of a FREAKING...

So, last night I felt like crap right? I posted. Anyways, after NINE hours of stomach cramps, I gave up... we went to the ER. It is sad when you become a regular. Anyways, so they did all kinds of tests, and everything came back normal. So, they think that I got food poisoning. Even though no one else got sick, they think that I just got a bad piece of dinner. WTF? Figures it would be me. So, I got 3 full saliene bags in the IV, because I was so dehydrated from not keeping anything in me. I am still thirsty as hell, and freaking exhausted... but at least I am home. I told Rick that when he gets here, I need a big hug to make me smile after all this shit. Seriously... NINE FUCKING HOURS. I almost lost it. I was crying and rocking, and I couldn't stand because it hurt, but I couldn't sit, or lay down, so I was constantly moving. It sucked. I have had food poisoning before... this was WAY worse. I thought that is what it might be, since it hit me about 15 minutes after I finished dinner. That is what happened the last time... I had eaten breakfast, and about 15 - 20 mins later, I was SOOOO freaking sick. Anyhoo... thought I would update my fun morning to you all. *sigh* I need a vacation from being sick.

OH! And in case anyone is counting... that is THREE FREAKING VISITS to the ER in LESS THAN A MONTH! Grrr.
Cat - Let me rest a little while


Still sick. Only have eaten some crackers and soup. Tummy still hurts. :(

At least Rick gets him computer back from being fixed tomorrow... something positive to look forward to.

Finally got some sleep this afternoon. Thank goodness. Just wish I could feel better. I don't see solids in my future for a few days.

I am holed up in the basement, which is fine with me. Apparently it is snowing outside though. This state gets weirder daily.

I had to drink this contrast stuff in the ER, and couldn't have anything to drink after for an hour and a half. They also gave me this med that makes you thirsty. NOT a good combination. Now, my throat is sore from having it dry. Suck. Even with gatorade, it hurts. Shoot me. /whine