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Just call me a Turnip.

April 27th, 2006

12:43 pm - A quick update in "A Day of My Life"... or something.

So, let's see. After 2+ years on Vicodin every day... I got off of it. My shoulder still hurts, but I decided enough is enough.

I slept like utter shit last night. I hate being so freaking tired I can't think, and yet... laying there annoying Chester so I have someone awake with me. (I think he can second that he hates it too.)

STILL not eating "correctly"... I officially hate soup. No, I love it... but not right now. My stomach is better, but not great. Stupid whatever the hell I had.

I have a doctor's appointment to do a follow-up from the ER visit today. Because I slept like shit, I dont want to drive (well, that, and acid reflux can bite me)... I am going to call and reschedule. They will love me.

Rick finds out tomorrow if he has to stay another week in London. I hope not... but if he stays, he is doing business, so I am trying not to be selfish. Although, all goes well, I am going to work with him in the business as... something.... and then I can go along with him to Europe as a business trip. Rock. I want him here... now. I am so not patient.

Do you ever have that issue where you write a word, and you know it is right, but you just can't convince yourself that it IS right? Yeah... that happens tons to me.

I had one of the most bizarre dreams last night. I swear, in the hour I slept, there was one hell of an action movie happening. I dream in color, in sound, in... everything. Sometimes my dreams are way cooler than reality.

Um... I am going to go crash now I think. Had my afternoon chat with Rick, which means he wont be on for another... a little over 12 hours. Should be able to accomplish SOME sleep in that time.

09:18 pm - What do I do when I'm bored?

Tonight... watch Clueless. I haven't seen it in forever.

09:38 pm - Netflix offer

If anyone wants a free month from Netflix, and have never have an acct, gimmie your email acct, and I can email the offer. :)

11:36 pm - Ok, I swear...

If my stomach doesn't stop being stupid... I may go on a rampage. Its better... but it still hurts. Ugh.

Now... Miss Congeniality. Rick definitely needs to get home so I dont have to wait until 1 AM for him to get online.
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