April 29th, 2006

House - Stand Alone


I am frustrated. This is the second night in a row I have sat up and waited for Rick, and he hasn't shown. I talked with him this afternoon, but I just hate it. Its like making a date to meet someone, and just not showing up. He has to stay for 3 more meetings this week. So, now he wont be here for another week. I'm sure I am blowing everything out of proportion... but whatever, it just isn't my personality to tell someone I will be somewhere and not show up. In my mind, if that happens, then something is wrong... because that is the only reason I would do it. So, now I am sitting here, watching TV, hoping that he will show up late. I felt like bitching.

I did watch lots of Ace clips that someone had up on their site... so at least that was fun.

Boys suck. I just feel like being depressed I suppose... well, I guess I don't feel like it, but that is the result.

I'm watching Roseanne... I love this show.

Fuck. This sucks.
Other - Anita Blake


My brother got a bird. Like an expensive talking one. I think it is an Amazon... anyways we've been taking turns letting him stand on our fingers. He is a baby, so he flaps when he is startled, and that is freaky. Anyways his life expectancy is 50 yrs. He is staying here while my brother has his last month of college (no pets in the dorm), then my brother is renting a house, so Niko (the bird obviously) will live there with him. I never thought I would like a bird.

Thanks to everyone who responded last night. All is well... he overslept. I asked him to please let me know if he is going to stay out late and want to sleep, or just make it so I dont just sit here. He let me know that the hotel connection will be out tomorrow morning, so... no 1 AM, but at least I know (and can hopefully SLEEP!)

Tomorrow's Netflix feature... Match Point.

I just started re-reading the Merry Gentry series. I am almost done with the first book. I get too into the book, and the next thing I know, I'm done. End of June for the new Anita book. Soooooo ready. Then the next Merry book wont come out until December, which sucks... she has begun writing a novella for Edward. I hope she does one for each of the main characters, so that we can get to know them more in depth. Except for Jean-Claude... I don't mind if he shares with Asher. ;)