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Just call me a Turnip.

May 2nd, 2006

12:02 am - Meme gakked from crossbow1

Read me! You know you want to...Collapse )

12:05 am - Match Point

What a freaking weird movie. I have never really liked Woody Allen movies, but I watched this one because of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Matthew Goode... I mean, it was okay, but just creepy, weird, there was one thing at the ending that was BEYOND retarded. It was one of those movies that I wont watch again, and was kind of glad it was over.

Up Next: Just Friends & Shop Girl. I just started my 3 a month plan. This is fun... I haven't watched this many movies in ages. After about 12 movies on my list, the television series start... they occupy the rest of the 500 spaces. I know, I have issues.

12:12 am - Ok, this is freaking hilarious.

Serious, this is the funniest BBM conversation ever. CLICK Thanks for posting this mickfish!!!
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