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Just call me a Turnip.

May 4th, 2006

01:01 am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Bday rach_inabox!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it rocks!!!!!!!! A bday icon just for you. :)

03:30 am - Latest Netflix adventure... ;)

I just watched Last Holiday. I was surprised... I really enjoyed it. It was so cute! I didn't even really want to see it originally too. Fun!

04:23 am - The drama continues...

So, I called Chris back after my dinner, and then he decided to call me back at bed time. We ended up talking for 2 and a half hours. He told me that he wants me to tell Rick (heh, that came out funny) that I made a mistake in inviting him, and ask him to not come along. Riiiight. I was like you can bring someone too, so we have an even amount of people, or, for fuck's sake... it's not like I wont hang out with him if there are 5 of us. I don't even know if Rick can make it 100% yet, but damn. I know I should feel worse about this, but 2 months (or whatever it was) ago, when Chris betrayed our friendship, he lost my trust. I dont want to go into details, but he did the ONE THING that I told him at the beginning of our friendship, if he did, I wouldn't forgive him. Not too smart that one... I care about him, but if he could be THAT horrible to me, I owe him nothing. It isn't my fault that I want someone I can have a good time with, not fight with, and not feel like SHIT around with me. So, I told him he could go, or not, that is up to him, but if Rick can go, I am NOT uninviting him. His biggest issue is that I met the guy on the internet, and we haven't met in person yet. Well, we are going to as soon as he is back, and we are going to hang out for a good couple weeks before the Vancouver trip even happens. Plus, I could care LESS if he is distrustful about people on the internet... I mean come on, I've met my best friends on here.

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