May 10th, 2006

Disney - Pooh


It hurts my brain that there is light snow outside, and it is May.

Let's see... not sleeping again tonight. Even if I stay up ALL day and try to sleep the next night, I don't. I apparently like being up at night too much.

Sunday is Mother's Day... AND my father's birthday. I hate when that happens.

I am onto Merry's third book. New Anita isn't until the END of June. Pooh.

I believe that Rumor Has It and Nanny McPhee arrive tomorrow. Woo!
A.I. - Ace Real Men Wear Pink

American Idol

Come on... we know what will happen:


Season 1: Girl, Boy
Season 2: Boy, Boy
Season 3: Girl, Girl
Season 4: Girl, Boy
Season 5: You follow the pattern...

Big Brother 7

Who watches Big Brother?

This year is the ALL-STARS. Apparently, America gets to vote in their favorites from the last 6 seasons. 20 people will be in. It starts July 6.

This is SOOOO my summer guilty pleasure. I never saw season 1, but have watched since...

Netflix time....