May 16th, 2006

A.I. - Ace Real Men Wear Pink

American Idol conspiracy...

"Outraged Chris Daughtry fans are saying that not only was it hard to get through to the American Idol phone lines, but when they did get through, some of the callers were misdirected to Katherine McPhee's phone line!

And many online posters on the MSNBC boards are saying the same thing, that when they got through they heard a recording of Katherine McPhee's voice. Friends of Daughtry from North Carolina are telling the Associated Press the same thing. "

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Hmmm... Ace's lines were impossible to get through too. They must have cut the number of lines available.... funny that.

I really hate A.I. right now.
Calvin & Hobbes - Reality

Officially renewed (CW)

Officially renewed (wikipedia)

From UPN

* America's Next Top Model (confirmed 3/15/06)
* Everybody Hates Chris
* WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (confirmed 3/15/06)
* Veronica Mars (confirmed 5/16/06)

From The WB

* Gilmore Girls
* Smallville
* 7th Heaven (confirmed 5/12/06)
* One Tree Hill (confirmed 5/16/06)


Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill, Supernatural and Girlfriends will join the new CW network replacing UPN and WB this fall, but Reba and Everwood are gone. Top-rated 7th Heaven has been revived for an 11th season, despite last week's "series finale."

CW has ordered just three new series: dramas Runaway, starring Donnie Wahlberg as a dad on the lam with the family, and Palm Springs, an ensemble teen soap from Kevin Williamson; and comedy The Game, a Girlfriends spinoff likely to join Everybody Hates Chris, Girlfriends and All of Us on Sundays.