May 22nd, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

mickfish! Check this out!

Ok, so you need to check out the "Best/Worst of American Idol" DVD set. I got the "Best of" this weekend from Netflix... they show a BUNCH of Bo. They show his original audition, him talking after getting the yellow ticket, and quite a few of his performances. I forgot how amazing his A Capella performance was. So good.

Anyone who likes American Idol... it is a cool DVD. I haven't gotten the "Worst of" yet, but I assume that one will be hilarious. All of the first 4 seasons... its a good compilation. I forgot how big Randy was... and I forgot how much I didn't like Brian Dunkelman. Hee. Oh, and Ryan's hair? Amusing at points. Very amusing. He's still hot. Whatever. I hate Scootergirl. There are some others that I would love to punch. Wonder if that could be arranged?

They briefly showed a couple bad ones, of course, on the "Best of" DVD... talking about the original seasons, etc. They showed Keith (Like A Virgin), William Hung, and Mary (the chick who heard voices. Hehe). I swear, they can not do a "best of" without bad people on the DVD. LOL. Oh well, they make me laugh. You can't not have the amusing stuff.
Cat - Let me rest a little while

I have decided that I don't want to talk about Rick anytime soon... well, the specifics anyways.

So yeah. I'm over it. He's gone. Like, to be more specific... FUCK HIM gone. I wonder if I have alcohol... damn no beer. Wonder if Chris will bring me some. I need a drink... or 12.

I am done with guys. I told Chris that I mights as well just be a lesbian. Men are EVIL. But seriously, after this experience, I have really determined that I don't mind being alone. After I get my settlement, I am buying a place, and the nerds are welcome to live in Colorado if they want, but I don't need a guy. Well, besides Chester. *wink* No really, I have Chester and Cleo, I am going to get a Ragdoll & a munchkin cat when I move into my own place, and I am also getting a pocket puppy. Seriously though, I am going to get a teacup Schnauzer. Look them up. OMG so cute. They max out at... 4 lbs? BUT, they look just like a regular Schnauzer. Really, it looks like it was shrunk down in a machine. Hehe.

Can you tell I am ready to buy my own place? Come on nerds! You know you wanna live in Colorado. *big grin*
A.I. - Ace Hair!

Lauren! Did you see this??

Myspace Secret Shows is excited to bring you a very special acoustic evening with
with special guest SLOW RUNNER

The North Star
639 Poplar St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(The North Star is located on the corner of 27th and Poplar streets)


Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Doors @ 7:00 PM