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Just call me a Turnip.

May 24th, 2006

06:05 am - This is from Entertainment Weekly:

I just read this list, and it looks very diverse. I just thought I would post it for you music lovers out there... some are free things, some are pay... apparently lots of new suggestions, as well as old favorites. ENJOY! :D


1. iTunes
2. EMusic.com
3. Pandora.com
4. Rhapsody.com
5. MySpace.com
6. The Live Music Archive: archive.org/audio/etree.php
7. Stereogum.com
8. TurntableLab.com
9. KCRW's and KEXP's Song Of The Day: KCRW.com & KEXP.org
10. FluxBlog.org
11. SmithsonianGlobalSound.org
12 NPR's All Songs Considered Podcast: NPR.org
13. Soul-Sides.com
14. ILoveMusicIlxor.com
15. MixUnit.com
16.Pitchfork: PitchforkMedia.com
17. Radio David Byrne: DavidByrne.com/radio
18. InSound.com
19. Lemon-Red.org
20. Music.For-Robots.com
21. WOXY.com
22. Little Steven's Underground Garage: littlestevensundergroundgarage.com
23. BBC Radio BBC.co.uk/radio
24. AOL Music's Listening Party And MTV's The Leak: Music.AOL.com & MTV.com
25. Dusty Groove America: DustyGroove.com

10:01 pm - Well damn.

I watched AI on fast forward, but Clay has totally grown up, hasn't he? I am trying to decide if I like the longer hair or shorter hair more...

I want to lick Ace... sorry, but its true.
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