May 25th, 2006

A.I. - Ace

mickfish, the second disk...

The second disk (the "bonus" disk) isn't the worst auditions... it is an hour long interview with Carrie, and then about 25 mins. with with Bo. He is funny! I'm 20 mins in and I've already heard about him having to bitch slap people... he just went off as to how Carrie would win (the interview is at the top 4 point), and how he was black, and he may be ugly, but he's here. He made the camera people laugh. He is crazy. So much personality... I like him even more now. LOL. You have to see it!!
SPN - Winchesters.

Clay last night on the finale...

That is so damn funny. Lauren, you wrote how he should stop trying to pretend he's straight. Last night, Kat and I were talking, and both of us said the same thing. LOL! I apparently his hair, which he was like... LOOK! STRAIGHT HAIR!, made all of us think he is was trying to be straight, not that he was. Ahh, we all think alike. Hehe.