May 27th, 2006

Cat - What???

Oh... I am SEETHING mad right now.

Like, if I had the ability to have fire coming from my eyes right now, it would be happening.

I called my bank a bit ago to ask them a question. The customer service guy that answered told me he would see who I would need to talk to, and put me on hold. He then sent me through to a bank branch here, without tell me, and they are CLOSED. All he had to do was look at the times it is open, and give me a phone number to call, but no....

So, I call back so I can get that information. At the prompts you put in your account and pin so that they can look you up before you get on the call. Who did I get AGAIN? Skippy the wonder turd. So, he answers and says "Thank you for..." and stops himself when he sees it is me calling. THEN HE FUCKING HANGS UP ON ME.

I called back, got another chick, had her report the incident (they have different call centers, so they have to figure out who he is and at which one) and a supervisor will be calling me within a couple days. What the FUCK? So, you get to be a moron and send someone to a closed location, and then you HANG UP on them? I think not. SO FREAKING PISSED. Asshat.
Simpsons - Help Me Jebus

OMG, so HOT!!!!!!!

I hate this. I hate the hot weather. I am moving to Vancouver damn it. The average high in June is 66F. I'm not kidding, I need to get the hell out of this state.

We went up to the casinos here (really sad... no craps or roulette) today. Did the nickel slots with my mother. Won $20. Woo!

*dies* The house I am house sitting at refuses to cool down. I have the a/c on, and when I got home it was 82 INSIDE. I just turned the attic fan on, as well as opened the windows in the room for cross-ventalation. Stupid air conditioning. Seriously, it says it is on, and I swear it only gets hotter. I am going to go pass out from heat exhaustion.