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Just call me a Turnip.

May 28th, 2006

10:45 pm - Hmmm

Quiet this weekend... hope everyone is doing something fun this weekend.

We had a cookout tonight... I doubt I will go home tomorrow... I hate driving with all the wack jobs drinking.

Watching X2... nothing else on tv.

How sad! The principal from The Breakfast Club died. I liked him... especially in that movie and Trading Spaces. Paul Gleason I think it said. He was a funny guy.

I took an Ambien FINALLY last night. I was going crazy not sleeping. It felt nice to sleep... of course, with how yucky and hot it has been, and the fact that my body has been like "ooh! I CAN sleep!" I have been wanting to sleep all day. Good times.

Watched my Netflix movies... I'll babble about them tomorrow... or sometime when I can STOP yawning.

Housesitting until Tuesday. I miss my cats. I was there today, but visiting just isnt the same. I'm going to have a shit load of stuff Tivoed. Not many new shows, but stuff that I have taping anyways.

Damn. Can not stop yawning. Gonna go.

10:54 pm - Supernatural

Damn people. Ok, I dont want to download all the episodes... BUT, I will buy the first season on September 5th so I can be one of the cool people too!

September sounds so far off...

10:58 pm - TV Shows (mickfish & anyone who likes older shows, please read!)...

There is a link that I am giving that leads you to older tv shows. La Femme Nikita is one of them. They have Growing Pains, Head of the Class, and bunches more. You are supposed to be able to watch them for free. They have some episodes up, and are adding all the time. Looked cool... enjoy!
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