May 28th, 2006

Cat - Let me rest a little while


Quiet this weekend... hope everyone is doing something fun this weekend.

We had a cookout tonight... I doubt I will go home tomorrow... I hate driving with all the wack jobs drinking.

Watching X2... nothing else on tv.

How sad! The principal from The Breakfast Club died. I liked him... especially in that movie and Trading Spaces. Paul Gleason I think it said. He was a funny guy.

I took an Ambien FINALLY last night. I was going crazy not sleeping. It felt nice to sleep... of course, with how yucky and hot it has been, and the fact that my body has been like "ooh! I CAN sleep!" I have been wanting to sleep all day. Good times.

Watched my Netflix movies... I'll babble about them tomorrow... or sometime when I can STOP yawning.

Housesitting until Tuesday. I miss my cats. I was there today, but visiting just isnt the same. I'm going to have a shit load of stuff Tivoed. Not many new shows, but stuff that I have taping anyways.

Damn. Can not stop yawning. Gonna go.
Cat - What???


Damn people. Ok, I dont want to download all the episodes... BUT, I will buy the first season on September 5th so I can be one of the cool people too!

September sounds so far off...