May 30th, 2006

Cat - Leaving...

Last night housesitting...

thank the dear lord that it FINALLY cooled off. I was dying here. It is actually... slightly chilly with two windows open and two fans on. Woo!

You know, I was just thinking... I know Rick turned out to be a total asshat... but I really miss talking to him. Well, just having him there... to talk to... to apparently talk nothing but pure bullshit to... I just miss... the feeling I guess? Thinking that someone cared. Now, I get to feel lonely again. I miss my cats.

Well, Vancouver is coming up... I am so ready. The 10th thru the 18th of June. Well, 7 days in Vancouver and one in Seattle. I can't wait to go to my favorite restaurants. Plus, I am actually extra happy that Chris isn't going. I hate going on trips and fighting with him... it drives me nuts. So, it was supposed to be my brother and his girlfriend... but they are currently "off," so it is him and his friend (I call him his man boyfriend). It will be cool... they will want to go do stuff, and I will get to explore alone. I actually like doing that quite a bit. I hate always having to be with people. I'm so social.
Cat - Someone to free me

Movie time...

Howl's Moving Castle: Okay, so normally I am not an anime person... but I loved this movie! Howl is hot... hehe. Seriously though, the story is really cool, and I love this director. He is wonderful at making the films worth watching. I was pleasantly surprised... like to the point that I Netflixed the rest of the movies he is associated with.

Miss Congeniality 2: I missed Benjamin Bratt. It was a cute movie though. William Shatner is just... weird as Stan Field (or however it is spelled). I liked the first movie a lot though, so hey. Regina King was funny as hell too... she and Sandra Bullock play well off each other.

The Best of American Idol: Seasons 1-4/The Best and Worst of American Idol: Seasons 1-4: Bonus Material: So, there was SOOO much to watch on these two disks. I actually enjoyed watching the season highlights back again. Keith's Like A Virgin... William Hung's She Bangs!... the chick Mary who heard voices (she was odd). I also liked the behind the scene stuff with Season 4 people. They are funny as hell. Constantine, Bo, Anthony, Carrie... they were great. I forgot how much I HATED Scott. Like HATED. And... Josh Gracin... I hated him too. Great... he's a Marine... that makes him good enough to go on. (Season 3 I think?) Anyways, Carrie and Bo going home was great... all in all it was pretty interesting, and amusing.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe: OMG, I loved it. I never in a million years thought I would like this movie as much as I did. I think that is why I put off seeing it. I absolutely enjoyed it though. It makes me want to whip out the book, that I already own, and read it. So cool. I loved the special effects! Oh, and crossbow1, when the white witch came out in the sleigh thing pulled by polar bears, I totally thought of you.

The Triplets of Belleville: What the hell was that? French animation... interesting concept. I wanted to see it because it was nominated at some point for... foreign film? animation? I dunno one of them. I remember the song in it being catchy, so I figured I would watch it. SO FREAKING WEIRD. Barely any talking, which is okay, because my French needs help, but the story line and everything else? So weird... so so weird.

So yeah... 22 movies in, and I am definitely taking advantage of Netflix. Why the hell did I wait so long? *sigh* Anyways, I always add the new stuff that comes out each week (obviously), but eventually I will hit the tv shows that I have on there. All kinds of stuff (Buffy, Angel, etc.) that I always wanted to see, and never did. Maybe it is a good thing that I have no life... more movies to enjoy!
Cat - Let me rest a little while

Oh and another thing...

I need to move out so badly. Not because I want to get away from my parents... I love them, and they give me my space, but I really miss the independence. I want to get certain pets, and I hate having to ask permission, and make them live in the basement. Granted, our zoo of a house has 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a bird, but whatever. I just want this damn settlement to go through. I hope I don't have to drag it out and go to court, but I refuse to have life long injuries, and get a shitty settlement. So sorry.

I bought High School Musical the other day. Woo! I started watching the sing along version. I have serious issues in life, I believe. Oh well, it is cute, Zac is cute... so all is okay.

My dad started working part time with this company on-line, and I guess he is going to get the guy to hire me this week. Apparently he needs help. It is answering questions about computers and photography. Well, it is getting a question that is sent in, taking an answer from a page of pre-written answers, and pasting it on their email. Hard no? It should be interesting though... I hope I can start, like yesterday. I think they pay something along the lines of 12 Euros an hour... I could totally use that. It would be nice to make the max that I can make on top of the disability... my bills and potential living expenses would be thankful.

Meh. I'm sort of tired... I have taken Ambien the last two nights... I am desperately trying to get back on a normal sleeping schedule. Actually, I wouldn't care if I slept from 4 AM until 1 PM, as long as it was consistent.

Oh, I started The Da Vinci Code. I may be the last person on earth to read it. I am about 80 pages in. I want to finish before seeing the movie... which is weird, because with Narnia, I wanted to see the movie before reading the book. Ah well... every book is different.

Time to go read, sleep, and pack up my crap in the morning.
Cat - Leaving...

Ok then...

So, since I was totally fucked over by Rick, I have been thinking about all of the things I want in a guy. I think I have determined that I may be single forever. Seriously, I don't think I can handle my heart being hurt again. So, I think that I have every right to be picky as hell... I don't know if someone with all that criteria exists. Oh well, I have Chester (who is attached to me since I got home).


I just saw the Vanished teaser again... Gale is so pretty.

So, I started training for that customer service job from home... I have no friggin idea about the product... makes it interesting. It's like... the inner workings of a professional camera program. Uh, ok. What the hell, hopefully I can figure it out... $15/hour minimum to answer questions at home? Okie.