June 1st, 2006

Disney - Pooh

Funny quote...

So, this isn't word for word... but I couldn't get it out of my mind last night...

This is from Roseanne, they are discussing the O.J. trial:

Leon: Oh, Chuck, even you had to disagree with the verdict.
Chuck: Naw, I was happy... it's hard for a black man to get a fair shake in America.
Leon: You try being a gay man in Lanford, Illinois... you have to go out and correct the spelling when they write "faggot" on your car.
Chuck: Hey, at least when you walk down the street, for all they know you are just another straight, white man.
Scott: With a great ass.
Leon: Shut up Scott, they don't care about that.

Anyways, I found it funny. Hehe.