June 5th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

Movies... again.

1) "Freedomland" - Ok... this sucked. It was just... eh. Did you see "The Forgotten"? Yeah, this felt like a far fetched part 2. I just didn't like the story line.

2) "Fun With Dick and Jane" - This was kind of funny. Not nearly what I thought it would be... oh well, this fits in the eh category.

3) "Hoodwinked" - Hee. I loved this. The true story of Little Red Riding Hood. I laughed my ass off. I liked the... animation-ish whatever the hell it is. It was funny too... like I mentioned. I'll probably buy this one... so funny.

The next round comes in on... Wednesday.

Ok, so I have vertigo, and tinnitus. I figured out what the whooshing sound was. My meds have stopped working.

Today has been a bizarre day. Just bizarre. *runs off to watch Saved By The Bell*