June 17th, 2006

Calvin & Hobbes - Reality


I'm in Seattle... well, just outside in Renton, and this is the FIRST chance I have had to check my messages and stuff. LOTS of flist... and on one of my emails I have 120 messages, and the other, 46. Meep. I hope that a lot of them are crap. LOL. So, tomorrow we are just running around Seattle, so that the guys can see it. Then we fly out at... 8:30? Something like that tomorrow night. I don't get into Denver until midnight. Then, the long trek home. I miss my cats... I missed you guys. Hope I was missed too. ;)

This hotels BLOWS compared to my sweet as condo. At least it is nice here. 71 and sunny. *loves* I may move back here... I forgot how pretty is was.

Anyhoo... gonna go dive into the messages... see you later!