June 19th, 2006

Cat - Let me rest a little while

Home again.

Well, that was a fun trip. Went by too freaking fast though. I hate the weather here. I know that now more than ever. It's weird to not know how much you miss something.

Still can't sleep. Had to use Ambien the whole trip. Definitely have to figure out the insomnia. It is SO not fun.

The cats sort of glared at me when I got here... but they ended up snuggling, so I guess I was missed.

My fire escape window has a grate on it (the same one that was played with)... well, last night I heard an animal in it, and it was a baby bunny! My dad got it out this morning, so he is safe. So cute.

Nothing of importance to write... just hello. I missed you all. I have a lot of flist to catch up on after 9 days!

Going to go relax a bit... my throat kind of hurts (thanks airplane!)... may watch a couple episodes of SPN tonight. We'll see.

I do, however, have to get icons with the brothers in them. Yum.
QAF - Chicken Soup


I'm kinda sick :( I was okay all week too! Someone must have had something on the plane. My throat kind of hurts and I have a slight fever. Yuck.