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Just call me a Turnip.

June 23rd, 2006

12:03 am - Jamie!

My favorite Fluevog (Skiprope) isn't going to be sold anymore :( Nooo!!!! AND they are less than HALF (almost a third) of the price and NOT in my sizeat zappos. Oh Fluevog.

01:08 am - Jensen & Jared... OMG

http://handson.provocateuse.com/show/jensen_ackles (plus the links at the bottom. Damn.

http://handson.provocateuse.com/show/jared_padalecki (Holy shit to the wet pic in the link at the bottom... please drop the towel)

09:47 pm - Wow.

Some things just catch you off guard I guess. Aaron Spelling died... I don't know, I wasn't a huge huge fan, but you definitely heard his name around almost everywhere. I opened the new article, and the first thing I said was "wow."
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