July 1st, 2006


4 AM...

Well, I am attempting NOT to use Ambien. Fun.

Supposedly it is going to rain the next 4 days. I'll believe it when I see it. There is a reason that they say "If you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes."

Yuck. I hate summer... spiders in the basement. I am living on the 25th floor of something. I dare a spider to climb that high.

There is a very good chance I have another kidney infection. My lower back hurts... I don't know though. Mine always hurts on BOTH sides, and they swear it should only hurt on one, or hurt a LOT on one, and a little on the other. No, mine hurt the same. Whatever, like anything that is "normal" will be how MY body reacts.

Started Dawson's Creek. I dunno what I think of it yet... only 2 episodes in. I am bummed that if I want to watch them all in order, I have to make it to the SECOND half of the 6th season before Jensen arrives on screen. Damn him. ;)

I was going to write more... but the sprinklers just came on and made me lose my train of thought. I swear, lately I've been all "oooh, shiny" in the middle of a thought.

I am getting very impatient with my settlement. Every time I call, they swear that they should hear from someone within the week, and they will get back to me. Then I wait a month and call again. It's not their fault, but stop false promising things damn it. Plus, because Medicare took so freaking long, I have two negatives that were added to my credit report. They will be removed, of course, but it still pisses me off that they are there. I want my money. I want to pay off my debt, pay off my car, pay off my other crap, and buy a condo/townhouse/something. I just hate the feeling of my life being on hold. I also really want to get the hell out of Colorado. I hate the heat, I think my vertigo/tinnitus is worse in the high altitude, and I just miss Seattle. Who woulda thunk?

Get this. I had TWO, count them TWO different lawyers, contact me on the behalf of TWO different credit agencies (in different states, but eventually representing the same client) claiming to own the SAME debt... one that is apparently 6 and a half years old, and don't think is mine. WTF. I thought it was weird when the first one contacted me, and I didn't remember the debt... but two? With the same one? Riiiight. They have to be able to prove that it is a valid debt, and that they own the debt. I would love to see how two different collection agencies can own the same debt. I guess I'll wait and see. If they don't drop it, me thinks a countersuit is in order. Bullshit anyone?

Well, I have already done my work for the evening (I did it at... 11 PM or something)... and now I think I will try my feeble attempt to sleep. This should be interesting. They say if you dont fall asleep within 15 minutes of laying down, you should get up and do something, and try to go to sleep a bit later. I can not remember the last time I fell asleep within 15 minutes... even when I slept fine at night. I always lay there forever.
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Cat - I'm a sleepyhead

Oh yeah

So, this morning at 12:00 AM, it became illegal to smoke inside any businesses (with the exception of casinos & the airport smoking lounge) in Colorado. They can only smoke on the patio, if there is one, and if not, be a minimum of 15 feet away from the building. Yay! I hate it when people smoke while I eat. It will be interesting how many people will get fines for drinking in bars after having a few. Whatever. Sorry, I have no sympathy. At least the people I am friends with can CONTROL themselves like an adult, and not throw a temper tantrum inside the building.


But seriously. Yay! Colorado did something cool. Well, besides that pot law in Denver which is really irrelevant because you can still be arrested anyways. But it makes for interesting concerts when the places dont care.

I failed that whole "sleep without the Ambien" thing. Laid there until 5 AM and finally screamed SCREW IT. Took a pill, and was out within 10 minutes. Grrr.

Oh, I have a Cat Scan on Monday for my sinuses. Mine are ALWAYS blocked... it feels like I have cotton balls stuck in them (the best way I can think of to describe it). So, I am getting the scan to make sure there are no actual things blocking the sinuses... dunno what will happen after we find out whats up. I just want the feeling to go away. My poor doctor... I JUST met her in April, and she became my primary (she works at the hospital down the road... for once, a convenient doctor that is nice). Since then I have told her about My allergies, sinuses, acid-reflux, vertigo, tinnitus, etc. I told her the truth... I was so busy dealing with the major stuff, that everything else had to wait. Now, I am done waiting.

I swear if I have another kidney infection, I will flip the hell out. I am going to see if the pain gets any worse... plus other symptoms, but like I said in another post, my body rarely sees fit to follow directions on how to show I am sick. Once, when I was little, My stomach hurt, and they couldnt find anything wrong with me... my mom asked for a strep test (even though my throat was fine)... of course I had it. Why wouldnt I? I think it was a stomach ache. Whatever, it was something that shouldn't have been associated with strep.... that much I know.

Ok, so I have had about 4 and a half hours of sleep out of the "you must be able to sleep 7-8 hours while taking this medication," so I am going to go crash.
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