July 9th, 2006

SPN - Kiss Kiss


Yeah... I really dont know what the hell I came here to say.

Oh... one of the dogs that I was with when we were in our accident (the bigger one actually) that ripped my shoulder? She was put to sleep yesterday. So sad. She was 3! She was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, and within weeks she couldn't move and could barely breathe. I guess the other dog keeps looking for her in the house. So fucking sad. I feel so bad for Chris's brother. He couldn't take her. He couldn't do it, so Chris and his mom took her. I guess his brother just couldn't face it... I don't blame him. She was such a sweet girl. Gotta find my pics of her.

I'm bored. I may go read... I should sleep, but that would be too smart of me.

My mom is out of town, and my dad said he was going to miss having pancakes tomorrow. I told him that he could make them, they are the easiest thing on earth to make. He had me pull EVERYTHING he needed... down to the measuring cup. Ah, the incompetence of man.

So, last month was when I started working. The guy in charge of pay was getting burnt out, so they told him to take a month vacation (gotta love Europe). So... long story short, I guess we are going to get paid THIS month for LAST month AND this month. Something along the lines of $2000 or something before taxes? Now, granted my dad and I are sharing that... AND the best part? The check is in his name. Which means I dont have to worry about claiming anything on my taxes. BWAHAHAHA! Although, I do need to figure out what he will have to pay. I wrote the IRS, I could not find an answer ANYWHERE.

I guess the company is hiring a new Customer Service Manager, but they have to live right outside Paris and stuff. Anyhow, they are going to work HALF days, 5 days a week... for 300 EUROS a day. That is... a lot. I told my dad to offer me up to move there. Too bad I am not fluent in French. Apparently, my dad and I are the only people in America. Yay us. I think.

Well, weekends are slow for mail (well, I guess that isnt totally true, but they are slower) so I am not checking the server any more. Their questions can wait. Hell, I work on the weekends at least... in Europe? Hell no. Whatever. As long as I get paid, I'll be happy. I have mucho bills to pay. Hey, a settlement would be lovely right about now. : /

OMG! The live feeds are SO raunchy late at night. Tonight it was Howie, Will, James, Janelle, Jase, Alison, and Boogie in a room talking about all kinds of sex stuff. A couple times they crossed the line because it briefly cut feed. Hee. I think they told them to stop calling a person from last year J-Blo, but they didn't. They were like, they were in the house, their lives are public. Hehe. I also love when they ask Will medical stuff, and he is like... uh, I do Botox. Granted, he is pretty friggin' smart (and hot) but they ask some weird shit. THEY HAVE TARANTULAS! EWWWWWWWWWW. They named them after some of the house guests who weren't chosen out of the 20. It's actually funny. I wouldn't go in that room. Ick.

Well, I am done with Season 1 of Dawson's Creek. I really dislike Dawson. Well, his real life counterpart. I am too lazy to see how to spell it. The only nice things are that cute boys are coming up in the story lines. I didn't know that Chad Michael Murray was on it for a few episodes. Sweet. I just want me some Jensen.

Hmmm... I really need to watch the next episode of Supernatural. Last night I didn't sleep, so I laid down about 8AM today and must have drifted off... so I didn't have time today, and I am too much of a wuss to watch it at night... so there ya go. I am on Asylum... forgot to watch it on Thursday on TV. I really want to watch it, because I really want to get to Faith. Mmmm. Dean. Sam. Ahem.

I am babbling. How nice. Eh. Fuck it. I am going to go read I guess. Meh.
SPN - Bite Me

Sleep can bite me. Hard.

Didn't sleep again last night. I think I may have drifted off for an hour at some point, but still. Tonight I am taking an Ambien. I just don't care. I am tired damn it.

Why? Why does my cat use the litter box, and then proceed to "clean" the air, the couch, the dresser... everything but cover anything in the litter box. She is very odd. One time I was too close, and she did the cleaning motion on me.

I killed 3 spiders last night. Together. What the hell? One every week that my cat gets? I hate, but I'll survive... but 3? Together? What were they doing, plotting against me? Probably more like plotting against Chester... he eats them.

It has been raining every day. I love it. I really do need to move back to Seattle. Then I can... you know, pop up to Vancouver on the weekends looking for SPN and the J boys... ahem.

Well, my dad made pancakes. Not too bad. He made me some, so I can't complain. Plus, they were edible, which is always nice.

Okay, well... I am going to go lay down I guess... otherwise I am going to lose my mind more than I already have. I am so tired, I kind of want to cry. I don't know why I didn't just take the damn Ambien last night... I am so fucking stubborn. Then I pay the price. *sigh*

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Cat - Let me rest a little while

Well then.

I finally fell asleep around... 10 ish? Slept for 3 hours... like, so out that I think I drooled. It is weird though. I literally can not see straight right now. My eyelids are heavy. I can barely see. My vision keeps doubling and stuff. I think I need to go back to bed. Apparently I only half woke up.

Well shit. I was going to babble more I think, but I can not focus. I am sitting here, leaning up against the back of the La-Z-Boy, fighting my eyes to stay awake (or at least focus).

I guess I will babble to myself (and anyone else who is bored, and reading my babble) later.
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SPN - Seriously?


Damn. After I watch Asylum I thought Faith was next. Nope. Scarecrow. *grumbles* Ah well, more hot boys then. ;)
SPN - Dean


I think I just heard the funniest Dean line ever.

"Dude, you fugly." I love that boy.

(You all still suck for getting me hooked on into a new fandom) Hee.
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