July 16th, 2006

SPN - Dean

Ok then...

First of all, I am way too emotional when I watch tv shows. I cry fairly easily, and that gets annoying after a while. Oh well... hehe.

WHY does the server have to go down on the website for the company I am working for? And if it HAD to go down, WHY did it have to happen on the weekend, when no one at tech support works. Come on people, they are European... they so do not work weekends. So now, I have to pacify these pissed off customers, telling them that I am sorry that there is something wrong with the server, AND I am sorry that no one can fix it until Monday. Sheesh.

I think I may be the dumbest human. Ever. I am in the basement, which is cooler than the rest of the house, but it still gets warm sometimes. I have one fan at the base of my bed that runs ALL the time. I have had that fan for over a year now. After being miserable last night, I decided that I wanted to get a second fan for the other exposed side of my bed (the other two sides are against walls in the corner). OMG! I was shivering. I loved it. I was all snuggly under my blanket. Why didn't I do this FOREVER ago?

I finished The Undomestic Goddess last night. It was very cute. I also started Can You Keep A Secret?. Hehe. I love the part that was in one of the Shopaholic books as a teaser preview. When she is babbling on the plane. I was laughing out loud. Hehe.

I am downloading this show I want to watch (I have mentioned it here) and right now 69 of 78 shows are available for download. I am on 11. Woo.

I am so excited! I can take out my shitty piercing earrings next Sunday and replace them with white gold! Thank goodness. These crappy things suck. I'm like look... black diamond, white diamond, crap. Crap will turn into blue diamond next week. They are little diamonds... nothing expensive... just cute.

Ok, well I watched my 3 episode max of Dawson's Creek tonight, so I think I am going to go watch something off of tivo (Oh! I Tivoed the 2003 Pride & Prejudice where they are an author and a publisher or something? It is very modern and cute. I've seen like 20 minutes of it).

If I was prettier, skinnier, and cooler, I would so go to Vancouver and try out for one of the characters that they are looking for on Supernatural. Too bad I suck. : /
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SPN - Winchesters.


Ok. Had to get that off my chest. I am so going to go crash soon. I dont have to do anything until 4:30 which is nice. I am going over to a house owner by people I met at the bowling alley. They are friends of the lady that I always house/dog sit for. Anyways, I am housesitting/dog sitting next week... at some point. Should probably ask when. Heh. Anyhow, so I am going over today just to meet the dogs. At least they live across the street. (Well, across from our neighborhood really, so across the MAIN street) I could probably walk over if I really wanted to. Too bad it is going to be 100 today. I am so not walking anywhere. I want to move sooooooo badly, but now that I am getting fucked over on my settlement, I have no idea when that is going to be able to happen. *sigh*

Anyways, I am cranky from being so tired, but I got in bed at 3:30 and about 10 minutes until 5 I was still laying there, awake, and said fuck it. This is stupid.
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