July 19th, 2006

SPN - Fugly

Tonight's excitement... or lack there of...

Let's see... I finished Can You Keep A Secret? tonight. Very cute. I am really annoyed with ready about relationships. Happy people suck.

I watched Big Brother tonight. Howie stuck in the shower was hilarious.

I have a headache. Suck.

Tomorrow I start housesitting. Fun. Got to be there at noon.

I am tired.

I finished Dawson's Creek Season 2 tonight. Season 3 arrives on Thursday. I am going to watch it on their HUGE HUGE tv. It is the biggest. A/C and a huge TV. I may move in.

Ow, my tooth hurts.

Wow. Random entry.
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SPN - Winchesters.

From crossbow1

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SPN - Winchesters.


Like my brother needed another toy. So, today he went out and bought a Harley. WTF? I mean, it is pretty and stuff... but damn. He got approved for a loan or whatever to pay, but still... a 19 yr old buying a Harley. I apparently suck.