July 23rd, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.


I slept sooooo badly last night. I wanna cry. I am going to go back up and see if I can sleep more, because otherwise I will lose my mind (more...). Today is Chris's bday. 33. Old man. ;) I didn't get him anything because we haven't talked about it. I'm strapped right now anyhow (thank goodness for credit). I'll prolly just have him tag along with me on my bday dinner in 3 weeks as part of a gift. (especially since the rents are paying... lol) I was nice, I texted him at midnight to say happy bday. See? Cutting down on 75% of talking/hanging out doesn't effect me being nice (sometimes).

One of the dogs (the cocker spaniel) slept in the bed last night. She soooo isn't allowed to. *shrug* Whatever, she has been good every other time. I'll just have to boot her butt if she does it again.

Have I said thank goodness for a/c yet? Every time I open the door to let the puppies in the back yard I cringe. So friggin hot. Ick. I don't wanna go home on Tuesday to a hot, miserable house. :(
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SPN - Winchesters.


Hey. Do you want that stuff written and sent? Or is emailed okay? Also the pic, can it be emailed? I haven't printed any yet. Or I can print and send. Lemmie know.

I am through 6 episodes of Season 3. The Drag Queens were funny. Pacey is breaking my heart over this Andie thing. She is whacked in a not like last time kinda way. Joey is sorta human. Jen is okay... her as HQ is just funny. Jack is fun as always. Dawson... eh, whatever. Henry broke my heart too. Poor freshman.
SPN - Winchesters.

Hell House

Kat!! They are so cute when they act like 14 year olds. hehehe.

Ah Supernatural... you funny.

"Who You Gonna Call?" bwahahaha... I love Dean