July 29th, 2006


It's fucking late...

So, on Big Brother tonight, they played wake up calls every 15 minutes to keep the houseguests awake (or pissy). So, of course I had to sit here and listen to them. They are still happening, but I think I am giving up and going to bed. There are only 3 people actually talking right now, the rest are sleeping, waking up for the minute of ridiculously loud crap and then falling back to sleep. Hee. The whole point is to make them tired and out of it for the competition tomorrow. Then they have all vowed to sleep all day. I don't blame them. I would flip if I was forced to hear this crap every 15 minutes. I am okay because I can turn it off whenever the hell I feel like it. I figured out why I pay for live feeds. Will Kirby naked in the shower. I wish the shower doors were see through... or that his towel would come off. I want him to stay in the house 1) because he is pretty 2) because he is funny 3) because he stirs things up 4) because he is pretty... anyhow *sigh* Of course he has a gorgeous girlfriend. I am going to go round up some of the hottest guys I can find, make them dump their girlfriends, and make them live in my dungeon that I don't have. I'll take good care of them, I promise. ;)

Today was shitty anyhow, so I needed a good laugh tonight (hence the staying up ridiculously late watch reality live feeds). I swear, every settlement I get I am fucked over. It is becoming a pattern that I do not appreciate. My brother and I are doing that trip next summer and my plan, at this point, is to meet up with him after Toronto, leave for Europe, and not return until mid August. I need 6 weeks or so away from here... plus I seem to have knack for planning randomly long trips. Also, in that, I am taking 7 extra days of recovery on top of what they require before I even leave the area... that is the only reason I am thinking that I can do all that traveling. Needless to say my suitcase will be a rolling one only and my brother will be putting it in the overhead compartment.

Oh, it is 6:00... time for another wake up call!!! I need a bit of a life.

Whatever, I think I am going to go to bed now. I am so freaking depressed about my settlement... I thought I would have gotten a good settlement... whatever, I am done. I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Sleepy time. *sigh*
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