July 31st, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

I am not patient...

I am waiting for the company I work for to FIX THEIR FRIGGIN WEBSITE. It has been acting funky all weekend, and I have 21 people that are waiting for me to write them. I don't want to go to bed, because then they have to wait until the afternoon, which isn't cool. So, now I am sitting here, bored... waiting... and listening to the House Guests on BB yell at each other over nominations. *sheesh* I won't say anything more in case people don't want to know "spoilers" but damn. Oh. Look. The camera man is apparently DRUNK. He keeps swinging the camera back and forth and zooming in on their faces all the way. I want to make a animated icon, but I can not get the damn thing SMALL enough. It is irritating. I cut and cut and cut, and it is at 664K... I have to get it to 40K... suck.

Now I am just babbling. The HGs make me want to poke my eyes out. My favorite is when James was in the room with the word "deceit" and the camera guy decided to zoom in on deceit, and then james, and then deceit, and then James. Guess that camera guy doesn't like him. Heh...
SPN - Winchesters.

*Is not patient*

I got my new nose ring today. It is TINY. The stone is tiny, hell even the gauge is thinner. I want to change it... but Sunday is when I am allowed to. *sits on hands*

*is sick* No idea what the hell happened... so very unhappy. My stomach is attempting to eat itself I think. *pokes eye out*
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SPN - This Is Crap

I'm bitching... aren't you glad you read this?

Ok, so I got a summons a month ago regarding an account that I supposedly had in... 1999? Anyhow, supposedly they sent me a thing stating that if I did not respond to it (back in 2000) that I assumed responsibility for the debt. 1) Why would I NOT answer and take responsibility for something that they have no information about? 2) I was 20 at the time... I think I remember writing the lawyer back, and not the court (mistake #1) and I didn't send it certified mail (mistake #2). So, of course the sleazy lawyer is saying that he never got anything. MEANWHILE, I have not heard from this guy in 6 years. Then he sent me that summons a month ago, and I responded correctly this time. He responded with a court date (supposed to be Friday) and saying that since I supposedly didn't answer 6 years ago that he doesn't have to prove it is my debt. What the FUCK ever. Ok, I think I mentioned this part before. RIGHT after I got the thing a month ago, I got ANOTHER letter from ANOTHER state and ANOTHER lawyer about the SAME account. Okie... so now I have dickhead lawyer and random lawyer trying to get money from me. NEITHER CAN PROVE IT IS MINE. So, I am going to go to the court building tomorrow and tell them I need to change the court date. I am still talking to free consumer advocate type people on the internet figuring out what I can do. Now, the thing that is the MOST bullshit of all. The "plaintiff" has been OUT OF BUSINESS since 2003. How do you collect money for someone who is NOT in business? My favorite was a line in an email that "if I settle with the original company, let the court know so that they can cancel the court date." I wrote back and asked HOW exactly you settle with a company that has been out of business for 3 years? I want this to just be done with. I want to walk in there say "I need to postpone the date because I am still talking to counsel, I am trying to figure out *which* lawyer to work with, and THE FUCKING COMPANY IS OUT OF BUSINESS. Such fraud. I have to waste my fucking time tomorrow going 30 minutes away from here to post pone my court date (unless I am lucky and can get them on the phone... which was IMPOSSIBLE today. I sat and listening to ringing for 10 minutes straight a couple times). Why? Why does all this bull shit keep happening to me? I need to leave the country and never look back. Maybe change my name and run away. My life fucking sucks.
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SPN - Winchesters.

Funniest thing ever. (BIG BROTHER style)

At least something amuses me.

The other night Howie (on Big Brother) mentioned that he didn't understand why he was... turned on when he was outside with the guys, and lost it when he came inside with the girls. Someone told him that he might be bi-sexual. He was like, really? How would I know? Is there a test? Hehehe.

Also, if you want to see something funny, go to youtube and look up... Big Boy vs. Veto

I am not sure that is the exact name, but it will get you there. They did a mock wrestling match with James, the veto king, vs. Big Boy (a 28 yr old, 230+, sort of retarded guy). He keeps clapping and yelling "Big Boy like wrestling" I laughed so friggin hard.

OMG, tomorrow we get to see the up all night episode (well, I saw it live, but whatever)... make sure you watch Thursday (not that BB fans would miss it) but OMG they have the funniest thing planned.

You know, the live feeds are so worth it just because of Will. I love me some Will. Yummy. ;)
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