August 4th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

The longest day ever...

So, last night I went to bed early (with an Ambien) since I had to go into court this morning at 8 AM for that bullshit debt. So, anyways, I ended up only sleeping about 3 hours due to the fact that I was thinking way too much. So, I left this morning with my brother at about 6:45 to get there on time. I went in around 7:40 and stood outside the courtroom. The lawyer that was "prosecuting" came out at 7:45 and called me and my brother into this room thing to discuss the case. He kept accusing me of spending the money, and not paying it back, and I denied it of course. I showed him this paper stating that the company the represents no longer owns the debt, and of course he babbled his way away from that subject. It somehow came up that I don't work because of disability, and he gave me this look. He said he can not take government money to pay a debt (garnishment wise) so he said if I agree to fill out this questionnaire telling about my "financial status" to make sure I didn't win the lottery or something, and he was going to waive the lawyers fees, not make me go into court, and obviously can't force me to pay. I said fine, and we were out of there by 8:15. He said "You can't get blood out of a turnip. You are a turnip." Just call me turnip. Whatever, fuck off. He can't prove the debt, and since I have a permanent disability, he said they will probably just close the case. What a freaking nightmare.

I am just glad today is over with. I still have the second law firm to deal with at some point, but for now I am glad that today is over with. *hates lawyers*

So, I got home, finished some crap up on the computer that I needed to do, and passed out around 9:30 when my body said... hello, you still have 5 Ambien hours left to sleep! It was weird though, after all morning it felt so much later at 9:30. I slept off and on all day. Weird day. Sleepy day. LONG day.
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