August 6th, 2006


Big Brother n stuff...

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Anyhow. I tried to sleep last night, but woke up after an hour. I freaking HATE that. So, I am going to attempt to sleep again.

Heh. My dad just called... yes, from upstairs... anyhow, apparently since June 1st, 580 emails have been closed in the system (obviously for the company I work for). Out of those 580, my dad and I have done 508. Seriously. We rock. Actually, out of the 508 I probably did somewhere close to 400 or so. So I rock. *wink* I still get to say a bunch of crap I don't really understand. But I tried the program on some of my travel pictures, and it does clean them up nicely.

Ok, apparently I have two responses in the system, so I am going to go answer those, and then SLLLEEEEEPPPPPP! Oh and I was bad and downloaded "John Tucker Must Die!" so I will probably watch that later.

Oh yeah, the last thing I was going to say for now. Twice now, I have been sleeping almost entirely on my stomach, and Chester has tried to curl up on my BACK to sleep. What the hell? I've thrown him off every time. Such an odd animal.
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