August 20th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

BB fun

Tonight is freaking hilarious. Janelle, Will, and George are giddy on the couch laughing about tonight's Veto comp. So fucking funny. There are grown people in that house acting like 8 year olds. This is why I like watching at night. So funny. During the day it is SO FUCKING BORING. Like today, most people slept until 1100 - 1200. Then around 430 it was totally naptime. I got bored so I took a nap too. LOL. It was funny. Will was taking a bath tonight, and everyone just kept going in the bathroom to talk. It was like a parade. At least he had shorts on. Reminded me of the Friends episode where Chandler was in the bath and all of the other 5 came in the room.

Tomorrow's show and Tuesday's show are either going to be "holy shit" moments, or they are going to edit the hell out of it.

Oh well. Only Will, George, and Janelle are the only ones awake. Will is playing with a blow up basketball and throwing it against his arm and then he keeps hitting himself in the face. LOL.

Will is so much the hot. Yum-meh.
SPN - Winchesters.

I just ordered...

my first pizza on-line. Damn. High tech food!

The parents & brother return later tonight. Fun fun. It'll be nice to have people here I guess. I wont mind living along in a Condo or something, but a huge house can get sorta freaky.