August 21st, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

I have a question...

Is it possible to ship two real people from a reality show? Janelle and Will are so the cute.

Today they ran together in the backyard, and then they walked back and forth and told stories and stuff.

Then they came in and took a shower "together" (i.e. one on each side of the shower with the divide in the middle).

Now they are playing chess. They flirt constantly. If either of them thought about it, they'd be like.. screw it, my bf/gf has seen me flirt on tv/internet I'm just going to hook up with the other person and make pretty babies.

Then Will made her promise that after the game they were going to bed (separate beds) but they could still talk. LOL.

Will has no idea how to play chess. Hee. Seriously though, every time I turned the feeds on today, they have been hanging out. Heh.

OMG, so Tiff... are you totally caught up on the feeds? Do you know everything that has been happening? Thursday might be HUGE.

Last night I stayed up FAR too late watching the feeds because Will, Janelle, and Chicken George were outside and they were SO freaking funny. I have never laughed so hard watching the feeds.

The camera men must be drunk or bored. Will went into the bathroom, so they camera guy focused in on the "occupied" on the door. Now, they are playing chess, and the guy keeps zooming in on her stomach, and her boobs. What the hell?