August 23rd, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.


I just dealt with the biggest asshole on the email server. He wanted me to compare 3 programs (including ours). I told him that there wasn't anything in-house, but if he had any specific questions I would be happy to help. His snotty answer was:

thanks so much for the outstanding effort |-:

to which I replied:


Pardon me? I offered my help, and asked if you had any specific questions. There was no need for this email.



and then:


Supposing you went into a car dealership and asked about the showroom vehicles compared to
competing models

would you expect a "what'ch ya wanna know?" OR "let me tell ya 'bout our cars."

Enthusiasm Alison ... enthusiasm.


And finally:


Seeing as I can not answer any questions for you, I am closing this case file. If you need help in the future, please let me know.



What an asshole. It's like writing to Microsoft and saying "Pardon me, can you please tell me all the similarity and differences between you and Apple?" first of all, you probably wouldn't get an answer, and second, they'd tell you where you can look. Fuck him. I swear, it took everything in me to say fuck you as nicely as I did.

So, my mom and I decided to start walking at night after it cools off. Didn't help that I was hungry tonight and had pizza. I figured I had to get rid of it, then I wont have to worry about it. Right?

We are leaving (well, I think at least) on June 8th to head to Cape Town. Fun for me. ;) I am still very sad about 007. :( Ah well, I get to take after my wife and be a head on a stick.

I am going to find out who on my flist wants a postcard from all the countries I go to (if I can manage it).

I had a beer with my pizza (might as well go all out). Now I am tired.
SPN - Winchesters.

People are stupid

You know, I already have an unfounded FEAR of snakes beyond any REALM of the imagination. I don't know, grass snakes irk me.

So, I wouldn't go see this new movie Snakes On A Planeanyways. Not if you paid me a lot of money. Ever.

Apparently, 2 people in Arizona thought it would be really funny to release two diamondback rattlers in the theatre during the premiere screening. I mean, there were KIDS in there. Fuck that. I would have screamed like a little girl. Actually, the prospect of that is still within my mind... FUCK THAT. I would have lost my shit on that one. What fucking IDIOTS. THIS, THIS is why I dont like going to places in public. Someone could release a venomous snake, someone can leave a needle with diseases pointing up in your theatre seat (or in the change thing of the pay phone... who uses those still?). I dont care if they are all true, people in this world are just plain fucked up. I need to get out of the States. Apparently people here are more fucked up than a lot of places. I mean, some places, people dont lock their doors because they feel safe. Uh, right... that would happen here about the same time as pigs fly.

I kind of feel bad. Last night I was asked about the training of that chick for work. I was very direct in my answer. We have only spoken a couple times. The one time I assigned 3 emails to her, they sat there, and after 48 hours I had to answer them because that isn't fair. I have 3 for her now, and they are just over a day old. We'll see if she does these. I told him, I dont see why she is doing this. She teaches at a college in Kansas, and she teaches days and some nights. She is always busy. I said she is really nice (she is) but if it was me, and I was interested, I would have put forth more effort. I told him to let me know what he wants me to do. Of course, he hasn't written me back. They aren't the best at that.

Last month I answered about 500 emails. 500 different people, mind you. A conversation of 20 emails back and forth between me and a customer counts as one. I rock in a scary kinda way. I think I want a prize.

Fuck. Fell asleep a little after 5. Got up to eat breakfast with my mom. SO passing out now. : / I think we are going to walk again tonight after it cools off. It takes 10 minutes to walk around our entire block. Sort of a pain in the ass when you are trying to walk 30 minutes... 3 times around the block seems like a pain in the ass. Maybe we will go another way tonight. I wore my pumas, and for whatever reason my sock was fucked up, and I got a blister. Fun. My new Nike Free shoes should be here today. I want to use them now! I was going to wait so they were new-ish for my trip (i.e. broken in, but not worn down) but fuck it. I wanna use them!

Okay, rambling done. Must. Pass. Out.
SPN - Winchesters.

New shoes!

If you need new tennis shoes, these Nike Free shoes are freaking awesome. Comfy, no socks needed. Very pretty. I would post a pic of mine, but currently Cleo is pretty much in them. She is laying on top and rubbing her head on the heel. It's actually pretty damn cute.

I have the funniest avatars made from BB. Some have been while it is just the feeds. I have part of the water fight between Will and Janelle that they didn't show. I also have Janelle getting thrown face first off the hammock into the bench without spilling her wine (talent!). I have other ones I have done for other people too. One is Howie'e big boy dance where he moons the camera (disturbing!). Actually did anyone hear about Howie naked outside (who knows why) and Danielle stole his underwear. It was pretty funny watching him run inside with socks or something covering his... you know. ;) I should make an avatar of that! Heh.