August 28th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

Help me lovely flist!

Ok, so I told you guys about the kid I am going to start watching... well, I was supposed to watch her this weekend, but she is staying with a family friend, so I am apartment/dog sitting. She wants to know how much I charge a day, and I have NO freaking clue what to say. It is 2 dogs, a 9 mo. German Shepard and a 5 yr old Veeshla (look them up, they are cute... and really expensive I think). So, help! I am just going to sleep there because it is way easier than running back and forth in the morning, but dogs just sleep during the day, so obviously it isn't as hard as a kid that you actually have to watch. PLEASE give me ideas! By the day I guess, since that is what she asked. Then I will probably have to figure out how much to charge for the kid, but I have no clue there either... maybe she will make up a rate. I guess she needs someone to watch her when she goes out of town for business (which is often I guess).

Anyhow, I am so freaking tired I am rambling. HELP PLEASE! :)
SPN - Winchesters.


I found a link where you can sign up for a free pic of Jensen that is "signed." Not an original sig, but still. I got it in the mail today. He's pretty.