September 8th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

Hi. I should be sleeping...

Wow. Big Brother turned out to have one hell of a shitty final two. Eh, whatever. I'll just cheer for the person closest to Will. ;o)

So, is it wrong that I take great pleasure it answering emails from customers who are stupid and can not read our website? For instance, today I got one that said that he wanted a refund. I responded that we do not give refunds. He wrote back, and told me that he was going to contact his c.c. company to get his money back and that he didn't see a refund policy anywhere. I wrote back and posted the refund policy that is FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE, and told him that he was more than welcome to contact his credit card company, but when they contacted us regarding the refund, we will just give them our policy that was on our website the entire time. Then I emailed my friend over in sales support and gave this guy's email address to him so that they can block any charge backs. LoL! See what happens when you are an idiot and you run into me? :o)

It has been SO slow at work. They will start picking up after the new version of our program releases later in the month, but until then... *snore* I am having issues training this chick. She is nice, and I am helping her, but 1) there are not enough emails to train her on much and 2) I don't want to give all of my emails to her damn it. I want to make money thank you very much. So, I don't know what I am supposed to do about making sure she has stuff to do. I mean shit. She has a full time job and is busy pretty much for 7 AM until 10 PM during the week. Why does she have to help out with something that does NOT need help, and take some of my money when she has a steady job? I'm not bitter. ;o)
SPN - Winchesters.

Yay for Fall weather!

Love it. Its in the 60s outside, my room feels nice, and I even changed my boxers that I sleep in (I use them as shorts) for my scrubs (just the pants).

I am surprised that no one else wanted a free Jensen picture. Granted the signature isn't "original" but the pic is HOT. ;)

He's cute as CJ, but I prefer him as Dean BIG TIME.
SPN - Winchesters.


Okay flist... I need your opinion. After next summer's trip around the world (or Africa and Europe...), I am SERIOUSLY contemplating moving away from Colorado. I like being close to my family, but I have a strong suspicion that if I move away, my parents would follow eventually. Anyhow, I am thinking about anywhere in WHATCOM county (in Washington State). I think the most "known" city is Bellingham, which if you live outside Washington, you probably still haven't heard of it. I think there is a college there though. Anyways, it is about 80 miles north of Seattle... in other words 20 miles south of the Canadian border. It is really pretty there too. I don't really want to be in the city (well, if I had to be IN a city, I would totally move to NY). This place is nice, in under 2 hours I can be in Seattle if I need to... in under a half and hour I can be at the border (and sitting in line forever. Woo.)... the apartments and stuff out there are actually quite affordable too. Whatcha think? :D (I honestly don't know what the hell I am even asking. LoL)