September 16th, 2006

SPN - Dean


Let's see... I would first like to thanks Dawson's Creek, Season 6, for having Jensen in a bed with his shirt off multiple times. *passes out*

Um, so you must all try this! Go to the store, go to the popsicles, and buy PUCKER POPS. Oh my hog, the BEST 50 calories ever!! Seriously, they are so good. *drools*

I think I am going to get *most* of my settlement next week. I think that is a good thing. At least I can pay off my credit card... and quit paying the interest rates. *sigh* Then I am going to ask for an increase. Hee. Then, I am going to pay off a $15,000 debt with the card, thus getting 15,000 free miles on Frontier. See, when I originally signed up, they told me if I started with the regular card, and then went to the World card, I would get the extra 10,000 miles that I missed out on. Um, yeah... they lied. So, screw em. I'm going to charge 5K, pay it off, charge, pay... you get the picture. Whee!

Ugh, why do I get hungry around now? Blech. I need to lose weight SO BADLY, but I just can't work out. Apparently, you don't work out, you're screwed. I love dead ends. *sigh*
SPN - Winchesters.

This is a stupid post, and I know it ahead of time...

So, I am a subscriber to People magazine. I keep getting these "renew your subscription" and "send someone a gift" things in the mail/magazines that say "LOWEST PRICES EVER!!!!!" Granted, they are $2.19, and the cover price is like $3.49, but still... somehow I have the student rate, and pay $1.00 a magazine. I know that isn't open to the public, but come on... (See, told you it was stupid)

Entertainment Weekly is sending crap to renew with them too. They sent me an absurdly low rate, so I am sure I will do it soon.

Ok, I am literally staring at the screen, trying to come up with a coherent thought. *is not working* Nap time I guess.