September 17th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.


So, I was using my computer absurdly late last night, and all was well... then it stopped connecting to the internet. I freaked, thinking it was my computer... but no, the internet went down for 9+ hours or something. Which sucks when you don't sleep. Meh. I am going to go to bed right now. Headache and almost no sleep last night... sounds like bedtime to me.

Money hard. I hate it. Why cant we barter? Not that I have anything to barter with, mind you, but I just hate money. I know, logically, I should just go to Africa, do my thing there for 2 weeks, and then come home. That would be the *intelligent* thing to do. I'd save money, blah blah blah. Never said I was intelligent. ;) I figure this is the only time my brother and I will ever have to go travel the world together. After we get home, I plan on moving, and he is going to do a semester abroad. After he graduates, who knows where he will go for his masters. I know it is good timing, but still, that itty bitty part of my brain that worries about money is there. I'll give it absinthe so it will leave me alone. :) When I get home I have to figure out how much money I have, how much I have to pay out in bills, how much I owe my mother (dear lord, I may live here forever), and how much it will cost to get an apartment up in Bellingham. Although, now that I am kidnapping Kelly and stalking Joshua Jackson, things are a lot brighter. ;)

4 episodes of DC left! Then I have regular movies coming for a bit. Need a tv break. Kelly, since I am too lazy to find where you responded to my other comment, I am putting it here. I hate the whole Eddie/Joey story line... but I like Eddie. Oliver Hudson is cute. Man, that family has good genes. He just got married I think. Hmmm. Anyhow, I like him, I just dont like him with her. She is still annoying... actually most of them are. I like Jen now... I like Pacey... I like Audrey because she is funny... I like CJ, but I like Jensen much better now. 2 more present day episodes and 2 episodes 5 yrs in the future. Good times.

I saw the coolest thing at Best Buy (my arch rival). Two different things that you can snap the video iPod into, and it plays your movies widescreen on a 7" screen. It's actually kind of neat.

So, before I go next year I am buying three things (at this point in time): a Nikon Coolpix 8800. I know it is not made anymore, but our software supports it, so yay. I want the best of the cheapest that are supported... if that makes sense. A palm pilot that has wifi. That way, no computers needed... just find a wireless network and check emails or write people or whatever. One of those little language things that helps you with common words in each language. I found one that does 16... I'll most likely get that. Although, I know there are languages that I still will not know a thing in. I'll have to look up each language I will encounter and learn "Hello," "Do You Speak English?," "Thank You," and "Goodbye." *shrug* I still want to learn French fluently, but I have no idea what program to use, and there are too many to choose from.

I am rambling, which means I am freaking tired. Later. Thanks if you made it this far. LoL