September 29th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

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Alison with money is a bad bad thing.

So, I have list of stuff I want to get before the trip... next summer. Of course, I had to go and buy most of it now so I could play with it all. I have issues. At least I sold my computer on eBay. At this rate I have to work my ass off to pay off the crap I am buying. It's irritating though... there is a folder of emails that is for our support team in Switzerland. I used to go through it and take the ones that they shouldn't be answering and pull them so that I can answer them. Well, today they said not to. Um, thanks? There goes emails which makes my money less. Meh.

Yes, I still have to catch up on SPN b/c I have been feeling so shitty lately that I watch some of something and then fall asleep. I will catch up though. *sigh*

Well, this was pointless.