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Just call me a Turnip.

October 7th, 2006

02:27 am - Well, it's official...

As of Friday... my surgery is paid for. As my brother said... "Well, I guess we're really going on that trip." Heh. Ass.

10:09 pm - Too much TV...

I am downloading Ugly Betty from last week because the stupid website keeps freezing.

I have Studio 60, Jericho, and One Tree Hill to watch. I think that is it. Well, I still have to catch up with last season's Supernatural before I can watch this season's. I have no idea why I am so freaking behind. Oh, wait. Yes I do. Continual sinus headaches.

I am watching TAR from last week. I love me some Phil. Hee. I don't know why really, but I just love him.

Ok, there are some teams that I really dislike. *hurl*

I can't focus on anything other than reality shows, since they don't require thought.
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