October 17th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

Okie... 2 dr appts down

I went to the eye doctor. Got my eyes dilated. Couldn't see for quite a while after that. Not a fun feeling. Thank goodness my mom took me, because it snowed while we were there. Partial Whiteout + not being able to see = bad.

Then I went to the other dr about my sinuses. She put me on a round of steroids and a round of antibiotics. Methylprednisolone & Azithromycin. So, I'll say it ahead of time. I am not a nice person on steroids. When they say "may make moods change"... um, big time. So, I apologize if I do something bitchy. Hope it works. I need to feel better. Or cry.

I came home, exhausted. Barely slept last night. Finally got in bed and fell asleep. My mom was tutoring, which means the cats were in my room. Well, I woke up when my foot went in something wet. I dunno, I guess something peed? It didn't smell though, so I'm sort of baffled. Plus, neither of them has ever done that. It went through FOUR blankets. Maybe someone turned on a hose. What the hell. Needless to say, all the covers are in the wash. Eww.