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Just call me a Turnip.

October 23rd, 2006

10:44 pm - Packing hard.

Especially when you are doing it for no apparent reason. I swear, by the time I move, it will take me a day to pack all my usual shit. Its nice to be able to walk into my closet though.

So, I have not done anything but set up my Sims world. Motivation and I have been enemies as of late... (feeling well also).

Okay, feel free to skip this, because this is my Sim world, and I am such a freaking dork.

1) Me
2) Anita
3) Merry
4) Jean-Claude
5) Asher
6) Jensen

7) Doyle (not created quite yet)
8) Frost (again, not created yet)

Me, the Vampire Hunter, the Faerie Princess and 5 guys. I'm so in. *is retarded*

10:47 pm - Oh villiageidiot, you so random...

Hee. I got your package today. BINGO BINGO BINGO.... lol.
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