November 9th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

Liz... a Sims 2 question

If a Sim starves, can you make them live again? Just curious... ;)

My Sims are odd...

I want them to all know each other and crap. Is there a cheat to make everyone friends? How about to eliminate the need to sleep? Hee.
SPN - Winchesters.

Pardon my bitching...

I seriously have a fucking cold. Vaporub is helping a little... I need to find something that will boost my immune system without zinc. That should be fun. *goes to search*
Calvin & Hobbes - Reality

Heh. Sims update

So, I used a cheat that Liz led me to, and we are having one hell of a party. I need to figure out how the hell to get rid of all the random people though.

I'm the DJ. It is amusing to watch the others dance.

I also refuse to wear anything into the hot tub. I dont know why exactly.

I can't find Jean-Claude... he is either somewhere I'm not looking or at his house. When he comes back I'm turning him into a Vampire. I already got ahold of Asher and turned him into a Vamp. He screamed because of the sun and said he had to flee. So he fled. *shrug*

I found some downloads that make it so you can turn people into Werewolves, but so far I can only find the cheats for PCs.

Too bad this cold is making me feel like ass... I want to play more. I'll play more tomorrow I suppose.

When funny shit starts to happen, I'll take some pics and post them. First I really do need to figure out how to only have the actual 7 people I created exist in my world. Not as much fun I guess, but I want story lines with just them.