November 10th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

So weird

I hate colds. I feel like crap. Sound like it too.

So my brother lost his wallet on Monday... it came in the mail COD yesterday. Well, someone found it (apparently it was run over in the gas station parking lot a few times) and just threw it in a mailbox... so the mail people put it into a letter and mailed it to us here. Yesterday they rang the doorbell because $0.63 was due for postage. I was asleep and dreamt I answered the door. Apparently not. So, my mom went to the post office this morning, and confirmed that it was his wallet that came (I figured... who else uses COD??). My first thought? "Wow, there are some honest people left in this country. Too damn bad they aren't in Washington..." Seriously, nothing was gone out of it or anything. Of course everything has been cancelled but whatever, at least he got it back.

I am house sitting for the night. The house that I always go to and watch the dog/kid/house. Well, the parents got a divorce, so its just my friend living there and she is trying to sell it. The son went with the dad... wherever the hell they went, so it is just her and the dog. I get to watch the dog. Apparently he is quite lonely and depressed. It makes sense, but its sad too. The cats are going to be pissed that I am leaving a night so soon after New York. Chester is already a freaking magnet to my leg. (He is chasing his Norman... oh Chester) Anyhoo, so its just me and the dog. We both like sleeping, so my being sick wont matter. Hee. Her work won some contest so she is staying downtown... I figure she needs the night to party.

Off to go figure out how the hell to use my camera.