November 11th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

Home again...

Ahh. Home again. Too bad its freaking HOT in this house. I forgot how nice it was to have control over the air conditioning.

So, I got up and fed the dog this morning, took my pills, ate breakfast... then I went back to sleep. I set an alarm for when I needed to get up so that I could get out of the house by the time I needed to (they are selling the house and there are two appts today from 1-3). Well, the way my palm pilot works is you have to tell what day you want the alarm to go off on. Guess what I forgot to do? So I woke up at 12:45, looked at the clock, and BOOKED it around the house. I had to get dressed, pack my shit, put it in the car, open all the door to the rooms, let the dog out, lock the dog up, get the newspapers in, and put my glass in the dishwasher. Damn. I ran around like a complete idiot... but I got everything done. Whee!

So now, I am home sweet home. My cats gave me the "where the hell were you?!?!?" look when I came downstairs.

The dog is just going to stay locked up until my friend gets home. I dont want to be there (although the money would be nice) because I dont want to get her sick, you know?

My eye is fuzzy. I need to either wake up, or just go back to sleep.

My throat is SORE and swollen. I love colds. : /
SPN - Winchesters.

SOOOO cute.

So I watched "Keeping Up With The Steins" tonight with my parents. Cute movie, about Bar Mitzvahs... totally up their alley. Well, the guy playing the cantor in the film was HOT. So I looked him up. Well, it said his name was Jaron Lowenstein and had a twin both named Evan. Um, there so can't be two "Evan & Jaron"s in the world... I love that song (see above).

Want to see the hot?

Evan on the left, Jaron on the right. Rawr.
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